Git (Crate Index) Configuration

The "crate index" is a git repository hosted at, which stores metadata about which crate versions are available at your organization's registry server.

In the case of's github repository, no authentication is required, since the repository is publicly available. Crate Index repositories, intended for proprietary code reuse, are configured to be private by default.

Git Authentication

Unlike the github repository, you must configure authentication to access the crate index, which is not publicly available.

Authentication for the Crate Index repository works the same as authentication for Github or other git hosts, either via HTTPS with username/password, or by adding an SSH public key to perform key-based authentication.

Adding SSH Keys

Adding SSH public keys for accessing your registry's crate-index repository hosted at can be done using directly from (vs. logging into using the tools on the Git Index page. Full details are included in the SSH-based Authentication subchapter:

Form to add a ssh public key to your account

Form for adding an SSH public key

Logging into

When a new user account is created, a parallel user account is created for the user at, using the same email/password the user registered with for the main site.

Using those credentials, users can log in to the git server (running Gitea under the hood) to perform administrative actions such as adding SSH keys to their account.

Note: this functionality is not currently available for accounts using Google Oauth for authentication.

Logging into the Gitea account directly is not required, and generally not needed to use the registry server, but remains available for advanced configuration and account maintenance.

Git Index Privacy

Your organization, its users, and the contents of the crate-index git repository created for your account are not visible to other users of when they log in to

crate-index Must Exist

Please do not delete the crate-index repository or the Gitea organization account if you wish to continue using the registry server. The crate-index repository is the authoritative storage for metadata about which crates and crate versions have been published to your registry server.