Authenticating With Google Oauth

In addition to basic username/password-based registration, it's also possible to authenticate via Google Oauth instead.

At the sign-up page, look for the "Continue with Google" button:

Authenticate via Google

Clicking the button will forward you to Google's servers, which will ask for your permission to provide with your basic info.

Once you're authenticated, there's one more step: providing an organization or registry name.

Post-Authentication Account Setup Form

After authenticating, there's one more step

If you create an account using Google Oauth, you won't provide a password, and you will only be able to login to the account via Google Oauth going forward. Logging in with email/password won't be possible for that account.

The same goes for creating an account with email/password: logging in via Google Oauth won't be available for those accounts, even if they share the same email address.